Domestic Adoption (Public or Private)

Public Domestic Adoption

Adopting through a Children’s Aid Society (CAS) is referred to as a public adoption. Children are placed for adoption either because their parents have decided to relinquish their rights or the Ontario Court has done so. Children’s Aid Societies operate on a geographical basis and do not charge fees for their services.  As private home studies are generally accepted by the CAS some prospective families consider securing a private SAFE assessment in order to move the process forward more quickly .

Private Domestic Adoption

Adopting an infant through a private adoption agency is referred to as a private domestic adoption. The majority of the children available for adoption through the private domestic system are under the age of six months. These children are placed for adoption as their parents do not feel they are in the best position to raise their child and have therefore decided to pursue an adoption for their child. The majority of these adoptions involve some level of “openness” with birth family. All private Agencies or Licensees who facilitate private adoptions must be licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services.